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15 May 2020

Podcast 0: An Introduction

Welcome to A Method to the Madness, the podcast where we discuss, analyse and otherwise ponder our favourite films and TV programs.


29 May 2020

Uncut Gems: The Sublimity of Futility

Why is Uncut Gems so nerve-wracking? Is it the evocation of cosmic dread? Or just Adam Sandler's seedy acting? Join us to find out!


20 June 2020

Midsommar: The Dissonance of Culture

Rejoice as we celebrate this year's Midsummer by discussing Ari Aster's fairy tale of psychedelics, menstrual beverages and lots of murder.


10 July 2020

Blade Runner: Defining Humanity

The intriguing but arguably slow Blade Runner film is revitalised by its beautiful sequel. Join us as we investigate both.


31 July 2020

Avengers Endgame: The Philosophy of Conclusions

As a true hero once said, "part of the journey is the end". Certainly, this Homeric coda will never be forgotten as the end of the journey that is The Infinity Saga.


21 August 2020

Get Out: The Nuances of Political Storytelling

Successfully teaching a lesson in film is not easy; however, Jordan Peele's racial horror is the perfect balance between entertainment and edification.


18 September 2020

The Thing: Crafting Uncertainty

Though decades old, John Carpenter's 1982 sci-fi horror film still manages to make any viewer shiver while still providing quality mystery in its narrative.


30 October 2020

Birdman: Art Imitating Life

Iñárritu's one-shot phenomenon deserves every award it received, and more. We discuss what makes this a true cinematic masterpiece.


11 December 2020

True Grit: A Good Ol' Time

Though it will be forgotten with time, True Grit is undeniably another competent film from the legendary Coen brothers.


12 February 2021

Ran: The Edge of Chaos

This Shakespearean adaptation is perhaps one of the most beautiful films of all time, all while commenting on the most fundamental aspects of human nature.


25 April 2021

Predicting the 2021 Oscars

Doing something a little different, we make a bet on which nominations of the 93rd Academy Awards will win.


04 March 2022

Akira: Awe and Animation

This absolutely stunning film broke budgets and brought anime to the world, all while providing an apt criticism of Japanese and human society.


07 May 2022

Skyfall: A Welcome Change

We discuss the unconventional portrayal of James Bond and Skyfall's links to at-the-time relevant political topics.


03 September 2022

El Camino: The Good Ending

In this crossover episode, we review the ending to Jesse Pinkman's story and how Vince Gilligan has mastered the conclusion to perhaps the best TV show ever.


1 October 2023

The Green Knight: Myth in Modernity

The Green Knight is a brilliant adaptation of a centuries-old Arthurian poem. We discuss its history, its themes and its place in our unique era.


15 May 2020

1917: Revolutionising War Movies

Join us for our first movie podcast, discussing Sam Mendes' ambitious, phenomenal war (but not really war) film, 1917.


05 June 2020

Contagion: An Eerie Prescience

Though almost a decade old, Steven Soderbergh's Contagion explores a mass flu pandemic uncannily akin to the COVID-19 calamity.


26 June 2020

Marriage Story: Love and Lawyers

Romance films can be tacky but Marriage Story is certainly not. This gritty film by Noah Baumbach demonstrates the beautiful complexity of love.


17 July 2020

The Lighthouse: Terror of the Unknown

Robert Eggers' second feature film is as historically immersive as his first. We discuss the nature of the terror that this film so aptly evokes.


07 August 2020

Drive: A Gritty and Gory, Neon Noir

There seems to be a spate of films narrating the tale of a getaway driver absolving himself from a criminal lifestyle. Why does such a simple, generic plot work?


28 August 2020

Logan: The Throes of Heroism

Always, a hero will personally suffer in the quest for justice. This side of heroism is rarely explored in such an inglorious way that is seen in Logan


02 October 2020

La La Land: A Consummate Musical

We discuss Damien Chazelle's emotionally and sensorily beautiful La La Land with our first ever guest, David McNeill.


13 November 2020

Sputnik: The Russian Identity and Aliens

This grotesque alien horror by Abramenko not only entertains, but serves to critique the final years of the Soviet Union. 


25 December 2020

Magnolia: Chance or Choice

To suit Christmas, a time of shared emotion across the planet, we discuss the intricate intterconnectedness between all human lives evoked in this mysterious film.


12 March 2021

Schindler's List: A Cinematic Legend

This legendary film explores one of the darkest periods of human history with grace and tact and is truly unflawed.


03 May 2021

Predicting the 2021 Oscars: Epilogue

We discuss the aftermath of the 93rd Academy Awards ceremony which was filled equally with expected and unexpected winners. 


18 March 2022

Quantum of Solace: Integral yet Unremarkable

While considered the worst of the Daniel Craig 007 pentalogy, this film has some redeeming features, building the world for subsequent films.


03 June 2022

Dune: Game of Thrones, in Space

We discuss Villeneuve's sci-fi epic Dune from its truly breathtaking score to its construction of a sadistic world set in a possible far future.


29 October 2022

No Time to Die: The Function of Man

We finish our series on Daniel Craig's 007, delving into this explosively exciting film. We discuss the fitting conclusion to Bond's arc and rank the pentalogy.


3 February 2024

Gladiator: Echoing in Eternity

Gladiator is a true classic, uniting everyone at the start of a new millennium. We discuss this epic tale and how it fits into the human ethos.


22 May 2020

Parasite: Oscar-Worthy?

Did Bong Joon-ho deserve his Oscars? What is Patrick's new analysis theory? All this and more in our episode on the Korean film, Parasite.


12 June 2020

Joker: The Evolution of an Archetype

The Joker is perhaps one of the most compelling villains in the history of storytelling. Patrick explains why.


03 July 2020

Ad Astra: Can We Go Too Far?

Is exploring space necessary? James Gray answers this question with a resounding 'no' in his introspective tale exploring spacefaring.


 24 July 2020

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: A Simpler Era

This time, Tarantino takes us to the illustrious culture of 60s Hollywood in another film of almost aimless absurdism.


14 August 2020

The Irishman: An Extraordinary, Unglamorous Life

Though contestably long, Scorsese's gangster biopic shows us the lonely truth behind the ostensibly suave but truly woeful lives of gangsters.


04 September 2020

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: All Hail Disney

Films are mostly for money but sometimes they can become too corporate. This is the unfortunate downfall of the finale of the trilogy of trilogies of Star Wars.


16 October 2020

Brick: Adoration and Evolution

Explore with us the cult classic, Brick, the directorial debut of the acclaimed (unless you're a Star Wars fan) Rian Johnson.


27 November 2020

The Social Network: Money vs Friendship

The creation of the largest social media platform in the world is surely filled with contention. So then how does Fincher portray this event with such impartiality?


08 January 2021

American Psycho: Sadistic Societies

The late 20th century was a strange time for human culture. This is what Harron's most well-known film explores.


11 April 2021

Casino Royale: Breaking Bonds

Our favourite mysoginistic, hedonistic secret agent experiences cultural change during times of political transition. 


02 July 2021

Tenet: The Logic of Free Will

We investigate Nolan's wacky world of entropy reversal, discussing free will, the existence of parallel worls and the fidelity of Tenet in the time travel genre.


08 April 2022

The Batman: The Film We Deserve

This gothic interpretation of the Batman has cult-growing potential and is a refreshing new take on one of film's most complex superheroes.


24 June 2022

Spectre: Underrated?

After the high of Skyfall, Spectre was met with discontent despite being directed by Sam Mendes and sporting a massive budget. What happened?


13 August 2023

The Witch: An Eggers' Folktale

We discuss Robert Eggers' underrated but superb debut film, exploring its folk origins and praising its uniquely terrifying atmosphere.


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